ZECTA Coin (blockchain) is a revolution in the
E-commerce industry.

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about ZECTA

What Is Zecta Coin (ZCT)?How Does Zecta Coin (ZCT) Works?
What is the value of Zecta Coin ( ZCT) ?

What is Zecta Coin?

Zecta Coin (ZCT) is an open source public blockchain based cryptocurrency featuring smart contracts with online shopping platforms.

How does Zecta Coin Works?

Zecta Coin works exactly like Bitcoin. It will be used as a mode of payment in the future. Currently, it can be exchanged in Bitcoin and can be sent anywhere in the world.

What is the value of Zecta Coin?

The value of Zecta Coin depends upon the supply and demand. It has a total supply of 80,000,000.The current available supply is 21,000,000. The current value of Zecta Coin is $0.60 .The price of Zecta Coin is expected to increase to $0.90 once it goes to the open market.

How will the price of Zecta Coin increase?

The introduction of a lending program will encourage people to hold and store Zecta Coins for 6 to 10 months. The buyers will receive monetary rewards every month. Zecta Coins will further grow organically through smart contracts with online shopping platforms.

What price can you expect?

Just like any cryptocurrency, the price of Zecta Coin cannot be predicted or guaranteed. However, owing to our team efforts, progress, member trust and strong marketing, we can expect it to hit $40 by the end of March 2018 and $100 by the end of September 2018.

What can I do with Zecta Coin?

After the Initial Coin Offering, Zecta Coin can be used for the following:
1. Trade on exchanges such as Yobit (December 2017), Livecoin (January 2018) and Bittrex (April 2018),
2. Stack Zecta Coins to earn monthly profits.

15% monthly profit if you hold Zecta Coins for 6 months.
16% monthly profit if you hold Zecta Coins for 8 months.
20% monthly profit if you hold Zecta Coins for 10 months.


Zecta Coin (ZCT) RoadMap

Below Is Stage 1 OF Zecta Coin (ZCT) Development Roadmap.

  • November 2017

    Start Zecta Coin (ZCT) ICO.

  • December 2017

    Start Trading On Yobit EXchange & Lending Program.

  • January 2018

    Start Trading On Livecoin.

  • March 2018

    Zecta Coin (ZCT) Target Price Is $40.

  • April 2018

    Start Trading On Bittrex & Poloneix.

  • June 2018

    Smart Contracts With Shopping Paltforms.


Zecta Coin (ZCT) RoadMap

Below Is Stage 2 OF Zecta Coin (ZCT) Development Roadmap .

  • July 2018

    Improve Website Features Plus Upgrade To New System

  • August 2018

    Top 10 On

  • September 2018

    Target Is $100.

  • October 2018

    App For Android Plus IOS Devices.

  • January 2019

    Among Top 5 On CoinMarketCap.

  • April 2019

    Target Price is $200.

Affiliate Program

If you help us to grow Zectacoin (ZCT) community and hold your coins for any period,

we will reward you through the best compensation plan.

1.Unilevel bonus:

Unilevel commission paid up to 5 levels
Level1-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 10%
Level2-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 3%
Level3-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 3%
Level4-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 2%
Level5-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 2%


You should be paid member with any amount of coins.

2.Network bonus:

10% of your weaker organization volume


you shoud have atleast 500 coins stored on zecta coin platform and one direct referral on each side with minimum hold of 500 coins each.

Matching bonus:

4 level matching bonus :
Level1-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 10%
Level2-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 10%
Level3-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 10%
Level4-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 20%


you shoud have atleast 500 coins stored on zecta coin platform and one direct referral each side with minimum hold of 500 coins each.

Important :

All bonuses will be paid in the form of Zecta coins. Unilevel bonuses will be paid instantly while network and matching bonuses will be paid after every 2 weeks.


The Affiliate program will initiate after the conclusion of the ICO.
You will have a choice to take your tokens to the exchange or you can hold your tokens within Zecta coin lending platform to earn extra profit. During the ICO phase you can earn 8% bonus through your direct referral's purchase. The referred person will also earn 2% bonus on their purchase.


Zecta Coin
Frequently Asked Questions.

You can get Zecta coins by paying with bitcoin.
Zecta has Market Knowledge, Got Marketing Strategy in place and Got the Best Leadership Team in the Industry to make this project successful.
Zecta will be traded on Yobit , Livecoin and Bittrex.
We will still go to open market after 5 weeks of the start of ICO as planned.
ALL personal information that you provide to us is privacy protected and confidential. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.
No only paid members will get referral commission.

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